The MACHĒ® Kit contains the 4 iconic products that act in an integrated way to promote healthy and beautiful hair: STRENGTHENING SHAMPOO, REPAIRING CONDITIONER, PROTECTIVE OIL AND WONDER BRUSH. Made with premium ingredients of natural origin, our range has the ability to strengthen, repair and protect your hair from root to tip.

$1,149.99 (MXN)

Set Mache x3

Set Mache x3

$999.99 (MXN)

MACHĒ® Repairing Conditioner

It is the ideal complement to the Shampoo. With the Machē Conditioner you will get a better handling and detangling of your hair.

$349.99 (MXN)

MACHĒ® Strengthening Shampoo

With a delicious floral scent, MACHĒ® Shampoo will help stimulate the growth of your hair, leaving it strong and resistant.

$349.99 (MXN)

MACHĒ® Protective Oil

MACHĒ® Oil favors the restoration of the hair fiber thanks to its vitamins, giving your hair more shine.

$349.99 (MXN)

MACHĒ® Wonder Brush

Wonder Brush protects your hair thanks to its unique composition that, due to the tension and uniformity of the bristles, prevents your hair from breaking.

$199.99 (MXN)